Intel could strengthen its server product stack with Altera

Intel and Altera declined to comment on negotiations or any deal.

Intel has been adding more capabilities to servers with its own components, and tying Altera’s FPGAs to the CPU and other parts could bring more functionality to servers, said Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research.. “It would be hard for Intel to build their own FPGA and make it competitive. Intel makes Altera’s FPGAs in its factories and has also mentioned plans to use FPGAs with its server chips.

Intel is in talks to acquire Altera, which has a market capitalization of $10.4 billion [B], according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. But server designs are changing, and many tasks are being off-loaded to co-processors like graphics processors and FPGAs. They could do it, but how much time? It took them about a decade to become competitive in GPUs,” Moorhead said.

Intel could license FPGA technology from Altera like it does now, but bringing the technology in-house could accelerate the release of custom server chips, Moorhead said.

Altera’s acquisition might also have a secondary benefit to Intel’s factories, which could be kept busy manufacturing FPGAs, McCarron said.

Intel’s Data Center Group is the company’s most profitable group, and its growing data-center product stack includes CPU, memory, networking and storage gear. Intel wants to keep growing in the server market, and Altera could partly fill a product gap, analysts said.

Intel wants to grow its co-processor and custom chip portfolio, and buying Altera saves them from developing FPGAs internally, said Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights and Strategy.

Intel could strengthen its server product stack with Altera | PCWorld

Intel’s chips dominate servers in data centers, but the possible acquisition of Altera could help the company provide a wider variety of custom chips designed to speed up specific applications, analysts said on Friday.

Moreover, taking Altera FPGAs off the market could hurt competing server chip platforms from ARM and IBM, which are viewed as alternatives to Intel’s x86 chips, Moorhead said.

Altera makes FPGAs, which are specialized chips that can reprogrammed to run specific tasks at much higher speeds than CPUs

What do the numbers for SBObet mean at West Ham matches?

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Applying Hedge Bets

Nonetheless, the difficult part of handicapping the playing field still rests on the player’s ability to narrow down runners in an event. player’s commission rate, stake money and odds used to back or lay the runner) and let the tool calculate a player’s potential net gain on the outcome of the race. Basically, it means that you place a normal or on-the-nose bet on the runner you desire; at the same time, you make additional wagers on two or more horses, just in case your runner falls short at the finish line. You can also place savers on three other horses with an “in-the-money” type of wager, or an “each way” bet. All a player has to do is to enter some pertinent data (i.e. This basically means that you are betting on your chosen runner to finish either 1st or 2nd place. One more disadvantage to hedge bets is that: like everything else in a race horsing event, this entails money – so unless you really have enough to place on one or more hedge bets, hedging is out of the question.

Some online betting arenas are offering a more simplistic solution to computing hedge bets. The term in-the-money means you are placing a wager on your chosen horse when and if it lands on 1st, 2nd place or 3rd place.

Another type of hedging bet is to place savers on a horse or two “to-place,” or simply subscribe wagers on the exacta box at the betting office or on an online betting exchange or with a bookie. Seasoned bettors usually have worked out their own system to calculate the odds either stacked against or in favor of their chosen runners. It can be a bet on the same runner, but instead of an on-the-nose bet, it will be a to-place bet or an each way bet. The calculator is completely automated and is very easy to use. These additional wagers or hedge bets or so-called savers can come in different forms. Although this software, known as the hedging bet calculator, is not totally fool-proof, there are a lot of Internet takers. Choosing a likely winner is difficult enough; handicapping the racing field to a couple of potential contenders is even more difficult. This is because hedge bets are merely collaterals or guarantees that the bettor will not go home with just a losing ticket stub in his pocket.

However simple as this betting strategy sounds, placing hedge bets anywhere is actually a complicated process that even seasoned bettors still struggle with. Usually, hedge bets like these are considerably smaller in monetary units than the “normal” bets – this translates to less margin profits. Today he specializes in open source development using Java, PHP, Linux, and MySQL.

Author’s Bio: 


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Hedging is one of the oldest, if not the most prominent horse betting strategy in the history of horse racing. During the last 25 years he has been managing banking and online transaction processing technologies for private and public sectors.

Jimmy Mayon (MBA, BSEE) is a technologist with an enthusiasm for Horse Racing

Money-making Ideas |

This article has information on how teens can make money through carious creative activities.

Easy Ways to Make Money for Kids

All kids will one day, need to start earning a living, and what better way to help them gain an edge on the work world by starting early. Have a glance…

Looking for some quick ways to make money? Here are some easy money-making jobs that you can go through, along with some tips.

Ever wondered what is the easiest way to make money? I bet you have. Here’s an overview of kids competitions to win money, so take a look!

Easy Money Making Crafts

Contests for Kids to Win Money

Trying to find some ways to make money on the side? Read the following article for some tips.

How to Make Extra Money During the Summer

Stay-at-home moms can consider various options to work and earn from the comfort of their home. Here are some tips to become rich and famous, and have all that you want in life.

There are many students who opt to work part-time in summer to earn some extra cash. Read on to find out more on these money matters.

How to Make Money During Recession

Even if you do not have a permanent job, there are ample means to make money. A few cards that can be parted with, could be sold to another collector, and the remaining could be retained for your personal collection.

The list of easy money making crafts is long and can go on and on. Don’t tear your hair out, read the following article and know how to earn some extra cash.

Keeping old and redundant things with you never makes sense. This certainly is an enviable position to be in. There are numerous options to choose from. However, there are some ways to earn a reasonable amount of money in such times. Apart from the fact that it is no longer in use, by you, it also creates excess clutter. In this article, we will take a look at some of the popular contests for kids.

Wealth Creation Tips

Easiest Ways to Make Money

Quick Cash Ideas

So you want to be rich, but don’t know how to go about it. But what if there was a way to earn some cash out of our sojourns? I see you’re all ears already, so let’s just allow this Buzzle article to take…

What is the best way to get rich fast? Here are some realistic and unique ‘ideas’, that will help you accumulate wealth quickly, and it could be an interesting experience for you.

How to Make Money by Selling Things Easily

When it comes to making money, it’s important that you identify the ideas that work and the ones that don’t. Though some can be tricky, I assure you that most of them are unconventional and amusing. Money-making ideas simply refer to ventures which can earn money. But to achieve great wealth, you must use restraint and follow a straightforward strategy plan.

How to Make Quick Money in One Day

Competitions for Kids to Win Money

How to Sell Your Used Furniture

Best Get Rich Quick Ideas

Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

. Let’s have a look at them.

A sad, yet true aspect of traveling is the big, gaping hole it leaves in our wallets. In this article, we’ll give you a glimpse of some crafts that will use your creative talents and also help you make some money.

There are many ways to make fast cash and change your financial future completely. We all would like to be in their shoes, but the basic question before us is – how is it possible? Read this article to know how to get rich fast…

Everyone can do with a little extra money these days. The options are mentioned in this article.

Easy Money-making Ideas for Teens

Easy Money-making Ideas

Wondering how to spend this vacation with your child? Put this vacation to a constructive use by channelizing creativity and creating an opportunity to generate a little extra pocket money. A few of them have been listed below in this article.

How to Become Independently Wealthy

It is said that making money during recession is quite difficult. This article on wealth creation will put you on an accelerated path to riches and financial freedom.

When kids reach teenage, they start to realize the importance of making money. Read through this article for some really good and interesting ideas to make some extra money during the summer.

Here are some fabulous and interesting ideas to make quick money in one day.

How can 13 Year Olds Make Money Fast

Money-making Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Who does not want to earn money through simple ways? Try these easy money-making ideas, in case your pockets are not weighed down by a few bucks.

Money-making Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

Today, in a world full of opportunities, there are many competitions for kids to win money and scholarships. You might be surprised to know what it may fetch you, especially if it’s really old, perhaps from the time when your grandma couldn’t spell the…

We hear stories of teenagers working smartly and earning some money along with completing their education. The following Buzzle post will provide helpful and easy money-making ideas for teens along with some useful tips and suggestions.

Everyone wants to earn a big bucket of money and live the life of a millionaire. On second thoughts, there is no reason why you cannot make the process a bit more interesting by implementing creative ways to make money, where you can…

Creative Ways to Make Money

How to be Rich and Successful

Things to Make and Sell at School

Teenagers today do more than just having fun during their spare time. Take a look at a few ways to earn money by selling…

Fastest Ways to Make Money

Kids can participate in various events to win some exciting prizes. They can write, sell products online, or can even start a cooking business.

You may come across different theories on how to be rich and successful in life. Here are some easy and quick ways for kids to make money, that will not only impart valuable…

The movie Jerry Maguire has a very prominent dialog which goes like ‘show me the money’ and it won’t be surprising if maximum number of people feel that way. The following money-making ideas would prove to be useful to college students.

We are all fascinated by the luxurious and royal lifestyles of affluent businessmen. The best part in money making ideas for 13 year olds is that they are also lots of fun.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Ways to Make Money

Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

For all of us (practically), making money is not a luxury, but a necessity. Here’s how you can do it.

Not many are aware of the fact that there are lots ‘n’ lots of creative ways to make extra money. In this article, we give you a list of things that you can sell and make money.

Money-making Ideas for College Students

Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Got the perfect dress for prom but no money to buy it? Eying that pair of new Nike shoes on your way back from school everyday? Here is a list of few things to make and sell at school; so you can get what your heart desires!

Easy Money-making Jobs

Postcard collection, it is a hobby for some, and a source of additional income for others. If you too are in a financial crunch, and are looking for ways to money, then fear not. Find some interesting ways to do so in this article.

Selling your used furniture is a better option instead of giving it away for free. Buzzle will shell out some tips on how to become independently…

There are some really easy and innovative ways to make money from home. Using these ideas, you can earn without leaving the comfort of your house.

A Guide to Sell Your Travel Photos

What to Sell to Make Money

How to Get Rich Fast

Ways to Make Money on the Side

Money-making Ideas That Work

Earning by practicing something that you love, is what makes a summer job fascinating. Here are some money-making ideas that work wonders for those who take the vocation seriously.

How to Make Money with Postcards

Are you looking for some easy and effective ways to make money? This article discusses some really good ideas for the same.

There are certain situations in life when one encounters emergency cash demands which compels us to look around for quick cash ideas that help us beat the tide.

Money-making Ideas for Kids

Being independently wealthy roughly indicates that you are financially self-sufficient and not dependent on anyone. Selling them is a good idea

Vegas blackjack for novices V – best places to play – National Las Vegas

Add to that the fact that my best half and I much prefer to stay and play on Las Vegas Boulevard for reasons that at times don’t have anything to do with playing blackjack.

Jerry’s Nugget ( $5 )

Circus Circus ( $5 )

Santa Fe Station ( $5 )

The “best” places to play Vegas blackjack probably requires some definition. This list is about the best blackjack games regarding rules and house edge for players.

Off – Strip :

Fiesta Henderson Fiesta Rancho – separate properties ( $5 – $10 )

Be aware again that games, minimums, and conditions can change without notice like everything else in Vegas ; players will have to be willing to scout a bit and find the best games and what time of day they’re offered, which is a big part of playing blackjack for players concerned about value.

Rampart ( $5 )

Aliante Station ( $10 )

Silverton ( $5 ; has a 3:2 single deck but allows doubling on tens only)

Las Vegas Hilton ( $25 )

Palms ( $10 )


Green Valley Ranch ( $10 – $25 )

Venetian ( $10 – $25 )

Mandalay Bay ( $10 – $25)

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Decatur – separate properties ( $5 )

Longhorn ( $2 )

Most of my personal Vegas blackjack play during the past few years has been at those places that have offered the best overall comps, which has largely been from the MGM Resorts International properties on the Strip. We’ve included the table minimum range for specific games at each listed property as of this writing, but don’t consider this as an “evergreen” list. This information was derived from Current Blackjack News (referred to previously in this series), recent trips, and other sources.

Wynn ( $10 – $25 )

Mirage ( $25 )

Sunset Station ( $5 )

Luxor ($25 )

Palazzo ( $25 )

MGM Grand ($10 – $25)

New York, New York ( $10 – $25 )

El Cortez ( $3 – $5 ; has the only playable 3:2, single deck game currently )

Note that table minimums are generally less and that it’s usually easier to attain comps for lower minimum play at off – Strip locales. The following Vegas casinos / games are our recommendations based on the rules and playing conditions that we’ve previously discussed in this series…essentially the ones that currently offer the most value for novice basic strategy players playing traditional games ( all 3:2 payoffs, no Super Fun 21, Spanish 21, or Switch). The underlying reason for that, however, is that I’ve played more there simply because some of those properties have routinely offered the best games and playing conditions among all the Strip options. All the games on the list are either 6 deck shoe games (no CSM’s) or hand-held 2 deck games. Be aware that the grand majority of those off – Strip games above are double deck with edges of .35 – .40 % with accurate basic strategy.

Orleans ( $5 )

Palace Station ( $3 – $5 )

Red Rock ( $5 – $25 )

Charles Higgins

Bellagio ($25)

Aria ($10 – $25 mins.)

Boulder Station ( $5 – $10 )

Texas Station ( $5 )

M Resort ( $10 )

Hard Rock ( $25 )

Treasure Island ( $25 )

Strip :.

Bighorn ( $5 )

South Point ( $5 )

The above casinos run the gamut from elite and fancy to…well…less than that. That includes best cumulative rules, house edges ( all under 0.5% with accurate basic strategy ), table minimums within $2 – $25, and some consideration for comp play

Gambling on the London Olympics includes wagers on gold medals, UFOs and Big Macs

The industry expects to handle a record 100 million pounds ($155 million) in wagers during the July 27-Aug.12 competition – even some pretty outlandish parlays.

A major challenge for the gambling houses is setting the odds for the more obscure sports. They also offer online gambling in 182 countries, though not in the United States or in other countries where it is prohibited.

But the gambling story is not all fun and games.

There have been fears that the massive gambling volume could lead to corruption, which would forever mar London’s legacy. All Rights Reserved. was the big favorite in that regard with 8/13 odds while China was next at 6/5.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, has said previously that illegal betting can fuel the scourge of match-fixing.

The British betting industry is worth $9 billion a year, one of the biggest in the world, according to a 2010 study by accounting and consultancy firm Deloitte. Soccer will also be an extremely popular wager, as will the women’s heptathlon, where star British athlete Jessica Ennis is expected to compete for gold.

William Hill offers perhaps the longest odds of the games: 1,000-to-1 that a flying saucer will appear over Olympic Stadium during Friday’s opening ceremony. “If they were to want 50,000 pounds ($77,500) or more on Bolt, then we will happily lay it.”

“We try to cater to most people’s tastes,” said Joe Crilly, a spokesman for William Hill, a gambling house that encourages punters – the U.K. The U.S. is favored, with China a close second), or how many golds the host nation will take home.

According to the New York Times, Ladbrokes also offers pedestrian wagers like which country will win the most medals.

Crilly says ahead of the Olympics, betting firms assign teams to research each sport, spending weeks immersing themselves in facts and figures.

Ladbrokes, another British bookmaker, will offer 11,000 different wagers during the games, according to spokeswoman Jessica Bridge. The IOC has barred athletes from betting on the games – and sports, police and gambling industry officials plan to meet daily to ensure that no illegal bets are placed.

“We have a lot of strict regulations in place to guard against any funny business,” Crilly said. Those bets include that the Olympics will be over budget, that a British athlete will be photographed eating a McDonald’s Big Mac, or that the athletes village in Olympic Park will run out of condoms.

Portraits of Team USA 2012

U.S. Tough luck, presumably, if aliens don’t make first contact until the next day.

Punters can also bet on which country will win the overall medals table (the U.S. If there was any suggestion that it was suspicious we would get authorities involved.”

The most heavily wagered event during the London games is expected to be the 100-meter dash, where Jamaican Usain Bolt, the reigning Olympic champion, is still the odds-on favorite despite a rough run-up to the games that saw him bested in trials by countryman Yohan Blake. “If we were to see an unusually large bet for a sport we were not particularly expecting large amounts of money for, it would flash up … If that’s not enough to make an Olympic fan cry, Ladbrokes will pay $50 on a $1 bet that it will rain every day, and 10-to-1 that a strike by transit workers will halt train service on the London Underground.. Who is to say Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen should be a 15-to-8 shot in dressage, an equestrian discipline? Or if Sweden’s Anders Gustafsson should be set as a 9-to-1 shot in the 1,000-meter men’s single kayak race?

Crilly said the betting industry is heavily regulated and immediately reports suspicious activity to Britain’s Gambling Commission.

Bridge says Ladbrokes has already taken a 10,000 pound ($15,500) bet on Bolt to win the 100-meter dash and expects much larger wagers ahead of the big race.

60 Photos

27 Photos

The most heavily wagered event during the London games is expected to be the 100-meter dash, where Jamaican Usain Bolt, the reigning Olympic champion, is still the odds-on favorite. Most houses offer online gambling as well.

Other longshots get slightly better odds, like 250-to-1 that every team in the 4×400-meter relay final drops the baton, or 33-to-1 that flamboyant London Mayor Boris Johnson accidentally lights his hair on fire with the Olympic torch.

(AP) LONDON – What are the odds of a UFO sighting during the London Olympics opening ceremony? Or of the final torch bearer tripping as they ascend to light the flame? Or would you prefer a more traditional wager on the battle for gold between Russia and Spain in synchronized swimming duos?

London betting houses will offer odds on almost anything, including all 26 sports at the games, from the 100-meter dash to fencing, from diving to soccer. Olympic team hopefuls and legends gathered at the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas, Texas

“We anticipate our high roller customers will fancy him to do the business,’ she said. term for gamblers – to contact them with any bet they can dream up. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

And this being famously soggy London, of course they are taking bets on the weather, paying even-money that rain will mar the opening night. CBS/AP/iStockphoto

Usain Bolt

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is first athlete to repeat as double Olympic sprint champion

© 2012 The Associated Press

What is the reasoning behind the Mormon belief that gambling is not to be indulged in?

Widtsoe of the Council of the Twelve (1872-1952) gave vivid expression to this thought:

“”The spirit of gambling is a progressive thing. In that terrible effect we may identify gambling’s most far-reaching and evil influence. You’re supposed to work for what you get, not get it for free. He pointed out that while lots were drawn for inheritances and to find out who God was mad at, that wasn’t gambling (where someone puts in a bit and hopes to get a lot for no work), you only see that in the Bible by the soldiers gambling over Christ’s robe.

“Time wasted in gambling becomes more significant when we reflect that many persons who indulge in gambling become addicted to it. Those who while away their hours gambling frequently do so to the neglect of family and work.

“They who gamble, who walk with chance, suffer degeneration of character; they become spiritually flabby; they end as enemies of a wholesome society. (Considering that gambling IS addictive as a behavior, it’s again something that should be avoided.)

So, I asked my hubby, his background is from another religion and he said that it’s biblical as well. At best it wastes time and produces nothing. Usually it begins modestly; and then, like many other hazardous habits, it often grows beyond control. Elder John A. At worst it becomes a ruinous obsession and fosters false living by encouraging the futile belief that we can continually get something for nothing.” 9

“The fifth and final condemnation of gambling follows from other disadvantages already discussed. Starkey, Jr., of the St. In recounting the undesirable side effects of gambling, mention must also be made of the fact that gambling is often accompanied by indulgence in alcohol and other vices.

The prophets of our day haven given revelation specific for our time saying that gambling is evil.

“A fourth disadvantage, one cited by persons not concerned with the moral effects of gambling, is the extraordinary waste of time involved in it. It’s crystal clear that the prophets have said, over and over, that this is something that must be avoided. We preach that the idler shall not eat the bread of the laborer, and that the idler is not entitled to an inheritance in Zion.” 6

“There are at least five reasons why our Church leaders have urged us to avoid gambling and to fight this evil practice in our communities.

“President Stephen L Richards of the First Presidency (1879-1959) said that gambling “proceeds upon the assumption that one has to lose for another to gain.” He then declared that the element of chance in gambling leads those who indulge in it to believe that chance is the controlling and dominant influence in life. I mean, there’s nothing in the scriptures that says not to smoke, do meth, or a lot of things, but the prophet speaks for our day, and he’s said not to do addictive drugs. By the same token, gambling encourages idleness, with all of its resulting bad effects for society.

You can argue to justify your behavior all you want. Evans of the Council of the Twelve (1906-1971) made this statement:

“”We do not feel that it is possible for men to be really good and faithful Christian people unless they can also be good, faithful, honest and industrious people. Smith, sixth president of the Church, gave this emphasis to the importance of the ethic of work in the gospel of Jesus Christ:

“”The good Christian’s love of neighbor will stand against every practice which hinders the growth of the human spirit toward the likeness of Christ or which breaks down the structures of justice in society. Therefore, we preach the gospel of economy, the gospel of sobriety. A Methodist minister, Lycurgus M. We are all familiar with cases in which trusted employees have ruined their lives and brought disgrace and tragedy upon themselves and their families by stealing their employer’s money. If you don’t believe the prophet speaks for God, then you shouldn’t get a Temple recommend, or go to the temple. If you don’t want to avoid it, then you’re not following the prophet, and if you aren’t going to follow the prophet, then you’re basically denying that he is a prophet of God, and that the church is true. Whenever we as Latter-day Saints engage in any kind of conduct that is inconsistent with the companionship of the Spirit of the Lord, we pay an enormous price. “And so obsessed do some people become with it that they cannot contemplate or think of any other way in which to increase their means and their income except by taking the chance that gambling affords.” 7. The Christian will himself refrain from gambling and from publicly endorsing it in any form, realizing that gambling is detrimental to the purpose of life as revealed in Jesus Christ.” 8

“A second evil of gambling is that it promotes greed and covetousness and inevitably involves and encourages the base practice of overreaching and taking from one’s neighbor. “The temptations of the gambler are such that persons in responsible positions in government and private industry will not hire or retain as employees those who are known to gamble. It’s a slippery slope.

Add: If you’re Mormon, then the prophet’s words should be considered as strong of a source as the Bible. A gambling den, however beautifully housed, is the ugliest place on earth. Left without the sustaining influence of that Spirit, we are vulnerable to temptation, prone to criticize, and subject to being tossed to and fro and buffeted by the forces of the world and the works of the evil one.

“A third evil of gambling is its tendency to corrupt the participant. The late Elder Richard L. All too often the sordid story is traceable to a desperate attempt to pay gambling debts or to finance further gambling activities.

“First, gambling weakens the ethics of work, industry, thrift, and service–the foundation of national prosperity–by holding out the seductive lure of something for nothing. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri, concluded an attack on gambling with words that every Latter-day Saint should recognize as familiar doctrine:

“There can be no question that gambling dulls the spiritual sensitivities of those who participate in it. The tense participants live in a silence broken only, over the tab

“President Joseph F

Interiors Sparkle with Baccarat Crystal (VIDEO)

All rights reserved.

Part of HuffPost News © HPMG News

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March 24, 2015

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Gambling on airplanes, stalled at takeoff?

Ryanair’s head of communications, Stephen McNamara, said the company still hopes to do so in the future.

Jean-Pierre Alfano of AirJet Designs and Frédérique Houssard, the founder of Designescence, have teamed up to create the Casino Jet Lounge, a luxe bar-cum-casino they hope will one day become standard on long-haul commercial flights. If you get out of your seat and enter another space with your friends and colleagues, it gives you a completely different experience,” notes Alfano.

The biggest obstacle to in-flight gambling, however, is a legal one. One wonders if this wouldn’t defeat the purpose of airlines investing in their own gaming systems.

“A few years ago, it was forbidden to play games for money on the internet. Air crash investigators implicated a failure of the jet’s in-flight entertainment system as a reason for the disaster.

Story highlights

Two French design studios have teamed up to create a model for an in-fight casino

Ryanair is considering introducing gambling aboard its aircraft via an in-fight entertainment system

In 2005, Virgin Atlantic announced it would introduce casinos on board some planes, but has since backtracked

Singapore Airlines introduced slot machines onto its panes in 1981, an experiment that lasted two months

“When you’re on a 14-hour flight, even when you’re in business class, all you can really do is eat, drink, watch movies and sleep. Virgin Atlantic Airways tycoon Richard Branson announced in 2005 that a handful of recently purchased A380 planes would include double beds and in-flight casinos.

See also: Ryanair considers serving in-flight porn. But in reality, the concept has been around for decades.

Singapore Airlines took gambling up in the air in 1981, when they installed lightweight slot machines in the aisles on a flight that operated between Singapore and San Francisco. “When you’re gambling on your screen, or on your phone, you’re still cramped with other people. “Really, the reason we don’t currently is based on the expense of the Wi-Fi technology that would be required for it. It was not open then, but now you can play online. The space could be easily rearranged to include a social space, without representing a loss of revenue,” he says.

Houssard and Alfano also don’t see online gambling as competition to their own concept.

“Casinos were just an idea, along with many other ideas we talked about a few years ago,” a Virgin spokesman told CNN. “Truthfully, we did not really get any further with it.”

Two French aviation design studios are betting on gambling in the air.

Aside from the initial investment, there are several other barriers to introducing casinos on airplanes. It seemed other carriers were going to follow suit, that is, until a Swissair plane crashed in 1998. The Casino Jet Lounge features trendy seating, a drinks area and a blackjack table.

They declined to comment as to why they didn’t ultimately implement casinos on their A380s.

McNamara says that Ryanair plans to combat the issue by ultimately offering “closed loop” Wi-Fi, so that passengers will have to go through the airline’s own system to gamble.

In the 1990s, Swissair installed gambling software that allowed passengers to bet up to $350 on a variety of casino classics, including poker, keno and blackjack. For starters, as more carriers are unrolling Wi-Fi on their flights, passengers could feasibly just gamble online from their mobile devices. The Casino Jet Lounge isn’t just a bar or entertainment idea. airspace. We’re waiting for the price to come down.”

The company seems to have backtracked since then.

See also: In-flight phone calls to become standard, experts say

“We’re trying to bring back the glamor of the ’50s and ’60s a little bit; the kind you see in the James Bond movies,” says Houssard.

“Most big aircrafts have crew rest areas and lavatories in the cargo area down below. Since 1994, gambling has been prohibited in U.S. Still, Houssard believes that this might change in the future.

See also: In-flight internet taking off

“We don’t have the technology in place at the moment, but hopefully we will in the next two or three years,” he says. The company admits the machines posed “an operational challenge”, and had them removed.

However, the idea of in-flight gambling re-emerged a few years ago. We see it as a social space.”

The concept is relatively new (launched last October), so as of now, Houssard and Alfano are still in talks with various airlines.

It’s difficult to imagine that airlines would be willing to give over potential passenger space (and the fares that come with it) to a social arena, but Alfano says if designed properly, there shouldn’t be a conflict.

“You’ll have two ways to get lucky on a Virgin flight,” he joked with The New York Times.

The idea of in-flight gambling may seem like a new one, principally because no airline is currently doing it. It was an experiment that lasted a mere two months. A lot of things are changing.”

Ryanair announced in 2004 that it would introduce gambling through an in-flight entertainment system, though this too has yet to come to fruition