How To Make Money By Trading In Tennis Matches

Only bet in mens games run by the ATP, where there is in-play betting offered by Betfair. You select the book offering the best price for the favourite. There are three things which will have a big impact on the price of the two players.

Only bet in matches where the price of the favourite is between 1.20 and 1.50, if there are many matches in a day that fit the bill then tighten this to 1.30-1.40.You have to be able to put a bet on the underdog when the match goes in-play so make a note of the start time of the match on the ‘Rules’ tab for the match.

The price fluctuations are to my eyes out of proportion compared to the actual chances of a player eventually winning or losing the game, and this is where the system comes into its own.

Break points, or even more of an impact from a confirmed break

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Andy White has many years experience in sports betting. These are easy to find just go into the tennis section of the Betfair site, click on the coupons tab, and then click on ‘Today’s in-play tab’).

Before the start of play you need to check the prices offered by all your active bookmakers by using Betbrain . You can get a clue by studying the order of play and live scores via the internet.

Any sign of a player being injured and liable to retire

The rules of the system are as follows


This system exploits the fluctuations in price that occur during a tennis match. You then use my trading spreadsheet (free from my website) to calculate your stakes. Tennis, cricket and football are his specialities. Then when the game goes in-play you place your bet on the underdog at the calculated trading odds.

I am using a progressive staking plan for this systemFurther details can be found on my website Tennis Gambling Systems

CAUTION – Matches quite often do not start at the stated time, they could get delayed by weather or a previous match overrunning, so you have to be flexible enough to be able to check regularly when the match is likely to start. For more information go to Tennis Gambling Systems

By: Andy White

Winning a set. Enter the odds for the favourite into cell i6, then calculate your required stake for the underdog, by putting odds into cell h6, gradually altering them until the net profit shown in cell k10 is 15% (or just over).

So now you place your bet on the favourite with the chosen book (which could be Betfair, or any other of your active books), this can be done several hours before the match starts Awarded Best Sportsbook

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UK horse racing chiefs play down Dubai vet drugs bust

Adam Brickell, director of integrity, legal and risk at the British Horseracing Authority governing body, said in a statement issued Tuesday his organisation was told by the British government “they consider there to be no link between the seizure and the racing industry and that the products were not intended for use on thoroughbreds”.

In the separate sport of endurance racing, Sheikh Mohammed, in his role as a rider, was banned as the result of a failed drug test by his horse Tahan in 2009.

Reports in several British newspapers said Princess Haya, the Sheikh’s junior wife, was leading an inquiry into the seizures in her role as the president of the International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI), something which many commentators said was bound to lead to questions regarding “conflict of interest”.

Al Zarooni was suspended and later banned.

Although these incidents were reported several weeks ago, they were given fresh coverage by Monday’s edition of Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

The stable was recently hit by the biggest doping scandal in racing history when the BHA revealed 22 horses trained by Mahmood Al Zarooni had tested positive for anabolic steroids.

There was also a subsequent raid by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate on a farm in Newmarket, the eastern Engiish town that is the “headquarters” of British flat racing, owned by the Sheikh’s Darley company.

The BHA said there was no evidence that anyone other than Al Zarooni was involved in the case at the Gulf outfit’s Newmarket stables.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is Britain’s leading racehorse owner and runs Godolphin Racing, the Maktoum family’s private thoroughbred horseracing stable.

British authorities seized the unlicensed products, which included steroidal injections, anaesthetics and anti-inflammatories, from a Dubai government private jet at London’s Stansted airport earlier this year.


Jockey Paul Hanagan leads Soft Falling Rain owned by Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Rashid al-Maktoum to win the Godolphin Mile in the Dubai World Cup meet on March 30, 2013 (AFP/File)

Published October 01, 2013

The Sheikh was banned from competition for six months, while Abdullah bin Huzaim, the horse’s trainer, was banned for a year.

London (AFP) – ¬†British horse racing chiefs have insisted there is no connection between the seizure of a shipment of illegal veterinary goods from Dubai and the doping scandal that engulfed the Godolphin flat racing outfit run by the country’s ruling monarch Sheikh Mohammed.

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No athlete or coach can compete and excel at a high level without optimism. Why wait until I won the lottery to begin publishing, I thought, inspired by Wooden. In essence, what we tell ourselves, what we consume mentally, will determine how our minds work.. Arthur Ashe, the world’s first great Black tennis player, who faced blatant racism growing up in Richmond, Virginia, did not let that hold him down, saying, “Without the wind in my face, I could not have flown so high.” John Wooden, college basketball’s greatest coach, knew that young people were (and are) in need of discipline, that their lives are better with it than without. After all, we watch the games for a reason other than to see who wins. Since age 12, I have been a dedicated sports fan. Because of a quotation by John Wooden, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do,” I decided to start my publishing company, featuring my first book. In the last century, I cowrote a book called The Mental Diet, which explored the abilities of the human mind to make our own lives better. Sports were the first reality shows, in essence an artificial drama acted out with an unpredictable script and real results. The book will be due in April 2008. I became a quotations fan in my twenties. As with those old plays, we can learn something from sports, and especially from those who excelled in their particular sports